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Dangerous Banned Vaccine Repackaged and Given New Name

This ‘VacTruth’ post by Christina England  adds to the enormous amount of evidence of serious problems with vaccines and the industries ethics and behaviour. Yet again the UK government has allowed a previously banned and dangerous vaccine onto the UK … Continue reading

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Vaccinations – Proof that potential dangers are hidden.

This ‘VacTruth‘ post provides conclusive proof that authorities do not reveal all to the public, or even the dispensing agencies. This article deals with a particular disease, but the ramifications apply to vaccines in general. There seems to be no … Continue reading

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Vaccines – Exemptions are possible, and desirable

Originally posted on The Vaccine Xchange:
A few weeks ago, we mentioned the way in which vaccine exemptions have been attacked during this past year. We seem to be moving closer and closer to mandatory vaccination and away from the…

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Vaccines and autism: a new scientific review

Things often seem to come in series. Vaccines is the topic of the last few days. Firstly, I have received notification of a website dedicated to the negative issues of vaccines. I intend replying to a comment of theirs and … Continue reading

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Vaccines: Monkey kidneys, spinal material, animal pus and more

Another ‘Natural News‘ enlightenment on medical wonders. Interesting, is it not? I consider this worthwhile knowledge, just to make us think for ourselves and not take things for granted. Scary, when you think that safety testing is minimal or non-existent, … Continue reading

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Vaccines – Institute of Medicine adverse reactions report – ?lies.

Mike Adams of ‘Natural News‘ posts a scathing report on the IoM for covering up and/or avoiding appropriate mention of adverse effects of vaccines. Also challenged are the media reports which further exonerate and falsely claim safety aspects, of vaccines. … Continue reading

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Vaccinations- Measles, MMR and in-general

Three relevant posts have appeared this week. It’s a while since this topic rose to the surface, perhaps an introduction to these posts will be appropriate. As usual, it is stressed that this is a medical field and although I have … Continue reading

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