Vaccines: Monkey kidneys, spinal material, animal pus and more

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Another ‘Natural News‘ enlightenment on medical wonders. Interesting, is it not?

I consider this worthwhile knowledge, just to make us think for ourselves and not take things for granted. Scary, when you think that safety testing is minimal or non-existent, claims of success are published by the manufacturers, and failure rates are hidden or denied.

The issues surrounding the dangers of vaccines require a look into how they are made and to what we are exposing ourselves to. So, what are vaccinations exactly?

Generally speaking, vaccinations are inoculations that attempt to confer immunity against a specific disease. Our anti-body defenses are stimulated when weakened versions of bacteria or viruses are injected into our system.

Bacterial vaccinations are grown in petri dishes but viral vaccinations require a live host. Recent medical advances have widened the sphere of what “live host” actually means (…).

Edward Jenner,
credited with discovering the small pox vaccine, observed that milkmaids who had been infected with cowpox ended up immune to smallpox. Jenner’s first “inoculation” was completed by injecting an 8 year old with the pus from the lesions of a milkmaid with cowpox (…).

Modern Day Vaccinations

Tragically, even with all of the strides made in modern medicine, vaccination preparation has actually gotten worse. Original vaccinations were contrived by using the infected matter from another human being and introducing it into the body.

Trouble began once animals began to be used as hosts. Enter Dr. Jonas Salk and the race to develop a commercially viable polio vaccine. Salk and his peers concocted from a mad scientist brew of ingredients including the minced up spinal cord from a 9-year-old deceased patient, water, blood, flies, feces, and human cell matter. This mixture was injected into the brains of monkeys, most of which died instantly or became paralyzed.

Undaunted, Salk plugged away eventually creating the commercial version of the polio vaccine, developed in part from “the feces of three healthy children in Cleveland.”

Ironically this infamous father of the polio vaccine just recently was exposed for his role in illegal experiments on mental patient(…).

While today’s formulations don’t contain feces, they are still derived from live hosts including cows, monkeys, pigs, chicken embryos, and human diploid cell.

Cell matter is extracted from these hosts, combined with toxic
chemicals like Thimerosol (mercury), formaldehyde, aluminum hydroxide and a variety of other substances, before being injected into our bodies… and The side effects are autism, diabetes, asthma, MS, SIDS, and more.

Vaccine Pollution

The viral cell matter presents a significant health
risk due to the plethora of dangerous animal viruses, RNA, DNA, and other foreign material that can’t be filtered out of the final preparation.

Award winning journalist Janine Roberts, author of Fear
of the Invisible
and a host of other papers developing into the truth behind vaccine development, discovered that “vaccines are not filtered clean, but suspension from the manufacturers incubation tanks in which the viruses are produced from substrates of mashed bird embryo, minced monkey kidneys, or the infamous cloned human diploid cells only scanned for a few known contaminates – while the unknowns remain just that — unknown.”

Even worse, the government has provided legal protection to the vaccine industry and their polluted products via FDA regulations, more specifically 21 CFR.

“Virus interaction can’t be controlled — by their very nature they are mutating organisms. There is a well-founded concern that these animal viruses are able to cross species lines and adapt to their new host environment.”

Dr. Leonard Hayflick, a virologist at both Stanford and the University of California at San Francisco raised a concern that the common primary culture used for making vaccines with animals and bird embryos has created a situation where it is
“apparent that these cells contained many unwanted viruses, some of which were lethal to humans.”  (….)

For instance the SV40 virus that originates in monkeys made its way into the human population via the polio vaccination and has been tied to cancer non Hodgkin’s lymphoma and
brain tumors(…) (…).

The World Health Organization is aware that MMR vaccines are tainted with avian leukosis virus that has been linked with leukemia (…) (pg 19) and Rotatrix is one of the most recent vaccinations exposed as being contaminated with DNA matter from animals- in that case pigs (…).

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Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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2 Responses to Vaccines: Monkey kidneys, spinal material, animal pus and more

  1. It’s outrageous how discoveries like these are hardly ever reported in the mainstream media. Great post!

  2. Thank You for your comment and support.
    This battle for openness and truth is huge. It is largely unbalanced in favour of the vaccine industry, the way it should be IF they were doing their job properly, but we, the ‘alternative press’ are obviously making our presence felt.

    The issue of helping parents decide, is a huge responsibility but applies both ways – the industry is not living up to their expected duty of care and concern for the patients.
    We support not vaccinating unless the products are known to be safe and they are not!
    We would support vaccinating if was known to be safe, and effective.
    Until the industry demonstrates both safety and effectiveness, honestly, our criticism is justified.

    I guess our incoming information that is from qualified people gives us substance and reason to be confident in trying to influence people in medical matters.
    There is certainly no doubt that the industry, including those who pretend to be ‘watch-dogs’, are an ungodly lot!

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