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Famous Russian author says 9/11 Inside Job

As Mary Poppins sang – “I flit, I fly………..”. It seems this applies to the almost random jumps of topics published here. I guess there are two main reasons, the themes of interest are various and given that they relate to … Continue reading

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Iron supplements may cause more harm than good

Back to health issues. This ‘Natural News‘ post is interesting because it is the first time that I can recall where iron supplements are questioned. Elizabeth Walling’s article is recommended and is reproduced here. (NaturalNews) For the last several decades, … Continue reading

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Vaccines – Warnings from the Past. Whooping Cough Issues.

Currently, family members are being urged to accept whooping cough vaccinations to protect a new baby. This post has often published warnings about the dangers of vaccinations, more obviously Gardasil, regarding HPV but notably swine flu and MMR. I confess … Continue reading

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