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Measles and Vaccines – some comments.

This post was inspired(?) by the following article: Measles cases jump as travellers and unvaccinated children hit “The number of people being diagnosed with measles in Australia hit a 16-year-high in 2014, as scores of travellers brought the potentially fatal … Continue reading

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Vaccinations – Measles – UNICEF

Originally posted on The Vaccine Xchange:
UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund) launched a program asking people to “Give Your Mum Measles This Mother’s Day.” As the press release explains: For less than the cost of a postage stamp, you…

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Vaccinations – Measles – Necessary, or profit making?

Simply adding more ‘fuel to the fire’, as the evidence of profiteering grows, and the possibility of population control agenda being implemented increases.

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Vaccines – Exemptions are possible, and desirable

Originally posted on The Vaccine Xchange:
A few weeks ago, we mentioned the way in which vaccine exemptions have been attacked during this past year. We seem to be moving closer and closer to mandatory vaccination and away from the…

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Vaccinations- Measles, MMR and in-general

Three relevant posts have appeared this week. It’s a while since this topic rose to the surface, perhaps an introduction to these posts will be appropriate. As usual, it is stressed that this is a medical field and although I have … Continue reading

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