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Vaccinations – Straight from the FDA website.

More support for the already extensive claims and evidence of the dangers of vaccinating. The thrust of this article is that autism and SIDS are recognised as known side-effects, but denied by the industry in general. Insufficient evidence is the … Continue reading

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Health Benefits of Tomatoes: Canning Organic Roma Tomatoes!

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The Mediterranean Diet – Some defining information

From ‘Natural News‘: By Kirk Patrick, (NaturalNews) Well-known for promoting longevity, the Mediterranean diet is based on a wide spectrum of popular health foods. Bordering some 21 countries including France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Spain, Syria and Turkey, the … Continue reading

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Mediterranean diet with extra virgin olive oil prevents bone loss and lowers cardiovascular risk

A recent post by John Phillip, of ‘Natural News. From my experience and medical advice received,  do not under-estimate the value of this article. (NaturalNews) Past research studies have confirmed the healthy benefits of consuming a traditional Mediterranean style diet. … Continue reading

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‘Natural News’ – This week’s summary of Topical Issues

Too many interesting articles to individually refer to, too important to ignore!  Hope Mike Adam’s approves of this method of promoting his website. Ref: NaturalNews Insider Alert ( ) email newsletter. Johnson & Johnson owns up to deadly formaldehyde-containing … Continue reading

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AGW – Carbon Tax claimed to be destroying Australian economy.

This article has got the principle right. The carbon Tax will increase costs to the consumer and is appearing to cause lack of viability for businesses. The examples are basically hearsay and/or anecdotal, are likely true but not absolutely confirmed … Continue reading

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Completely Surrounded By Psychopaths And Sociopaths

Obviously I agree with this article authored by Michael, ‘The American Dream’. Where does one turn for solutions? Is Societal Collapse now inevitable? Related articles Psychopath Vs Sociopath ( What makes a person a psychopath? (

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Australian authorities gain power to collect internet records.

Despite pleas from the public to respect civilians’ privacy and despite replies from politicians that they were aware of their responsibility to citizens and would respect with these rights, this post reveals that this is not the outcome. I guess … Continue reading

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Economic collapse fears lead Goverments to remove civilian protections from military; Germany is latest has this post by Kenneth Shortgen Jr., , which speculates a socially serious, very worrying scenario. This refers to the removal of longstanding protections for civilian populations from military intervention in domestic conflicts.  As the article mentions this … Continue reading

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AGW – Climate Change – Southern Oceans are losing heat.

A meaningful contradiction of the ‘warmist’ claims of global temperature/heat increasing with, and as a result of, atmospheric CO2 levels. Watts Up With That? A paper published August 20th in Geophysical Research Letters finds from newly deployed observation systems that … Continue reading

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