Lies, Damn Lies, and Anoma-Lies

Reblogging, as I have said before, is a form of laziness, from an editorial point of view. Yet, when another blog/person publishes a post that I agree with and says basically what I would like to say myself, it makes sense to do it the easy way and simply promote the said post by reblogging.
An attempt will be made to come back to this post with further comment and links to posts and comments I have made in the past, because much of what David says is in tune with previous comments on this blog. It is nice to get some supporting, scientific input.

Watts Up With That?

Anomalies are unsuitable measure of global temperature trends

Guest post by David M. Hoffer

An anomaly is simply a value that is arrived at by comparing the current measurement to some average measurement.  So, if the average temperature over the last 30 years is 15 degrees C, and this year’s average is 16 degrees, that gives us an anomaly of one degree.  Of what value are anomalies? Are they a suitable method for discussing temperature data as it applies to the climate debate?
On the surface, anomalies seem to have some use.  But the answer to the second question is rather simple.

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