Warning to Parents: This Vaccine Linked to Sudden Infant Death…

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We can rely on Sott.net to inform us of health issue problems. This certainly seems to be one. The report is by Dr. Mercola.

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The hepatitis B vaccine is given to U.S. infants at birth. But there is impressive evidence that for a preventive measure, hepatitis B vaccine is remarkable for the frequency, variety, and severity of complications from its use.

Hepatitis B vaccine has been shown in many peer-reviewed research papers to be associated with numerous infant deaths in the U.S. and Europe, multiple sclerosis and numerous chronic autoimmune disorders.

According to Child Health Safety, the U.S. government admitted as much when a Court found in favor of a plaintiff (deceased by the time the decision was made) who had developed systemic lupus erythematosus:


Hepatitis B is a primarily blood-transmitted disease associated with lifestyle choices such as unprotected sex with multiple partners and intravenous drug use involving sharing needles – it is NOT primarily a “children’s disease” or that of newborn babies!

I have no way of knowing what the Australian situation is but the doctors can surely discuss this with mothers if asked.

Dr. Mercola says:

What Every Parent Should Know About Vaccinations

I want to remind you that you have every right to not only ask questions about vaccine safety, but also to decide which vaccinations you would like to receive or decline for yourself and your children. I highly recommend all parents consider the following steps before consenting to vaccinations, including hepatitis B:

  • Educate yourself about vaccination, including reading the vaccine manufacturer product inserts for vaccines that your doctor is recommending and reviewing vaccine information on this website and websites like NVIC.org.

Additional suggestions and the whole article can be read here.

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