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They Write the Music, We Enjoy IT. Happy New Year!!

I sat here intending to follow the last post with another ‘summary’  type, a sort of compilation to cram lots of links and information instead of several individual posts which, of course take considerably more time. The other summaries are potentially: … Continue reading

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Health Issues – A Summary of Interesting Posts from Impressive Blogs

My blogging interests cover several fields, most of which relate to truth, justice and the prevalence of mainstream media and even scientific related documentation to mislead the public. Unfortunately, there exists a virtually endless number of examples, creating a dilemma for me … Continue reading

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Global Warming – “The Thermostatic Throttle”

Some scientific information that is real and sensible. One of the many factors relating to “average global temperature”. CO2 and carbon trading are scientifically, a few “pixels” in the big picture. Watts Up With That? Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach … Continue reading

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