Is he REALLY DEAD this time?

US propaganda leaflet used in Afghanistan.

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This title, of course, refers to  the announced death of  Osama Bin Laden.

Because we are already on the topic of ‘political spin‘, (previous post), it is appropriate to post this, perhaps prematurely, but it can be updated easily.

There is an encyclopedic amount of knowledge, or at least statements, about Bin Laden, 9/11 atrocities and, of course, the ‘war on terror‘.

I am itching to buy into this subject and am not prepared to wait until a), more information is available and b), I have something conclusive to say.

So, to start the ball rolling:

According to many, Bin Laden has been dead for many years. At least 2 other times his death has been reported.

Certainly he has not been active in any noticeable way. Al Qaeda, according to the press, military and the leaders of the ‘war on terror’, has been active but Bin Laden himself has been basically absent from the public gaze. His alleged genius at instigating 9/11 type terrorist activities stopped in 2001. Not that he admitted 9/11 involvement, in fact, he strongly denied it. A video purporting to his admission of planning of 9/11 is recognisable as false.

So, for this post, at the moment I am collecting more information and calling for questions. To be assessed and debated to see where the truth is more likely to sit. The information and references copied from other sources impress me and are representative of my cynical attitude towards the US authorities who have a track record of misleading its citizens, to say the least!

The blog ‘’ has this to say:

The circumstances surrounding Osama bin Laden’s reported death raise urgent questions over how the US is so sure it got its man.

US officials have said DNA testing has proved the al Qaeda leader was killed in a villa in Pakistan.

They have also identified him by facial recognition.

But photographs of Bin Laden after his reported death have not been released.

The fact his body was buried at sea has so far only added to the speculation, although as a Muslim, he had to be laid to rest as quickly as possible.

Their complete article is linked here.

Mike Adams of  ‘Natural News‘ contributes the following in his email to members:

IMHO it is a brilliant assessment!

You just gotta love the whole media / White House circus over the Osama Bin Laden announcements. Remember when we were told we had to go after these dangerous terrorists so we could be safer? Remember when we were told that the terror alerts had to be put on orange and red because Bin Laden was “living in a cave” and plotting to bomb us?

Well now that the White House insists they’ve killed Bin Laden, where’s the celebration of freedom and safety? Why aren’t we firing the TSA and reversing the Patriot Act? Isn’t the danger now over? Can we bring bottled water back on airplanes again?

Instead, the government now says that killing Osama Bin Laden makes America MORE dangerous because his cohorts might seek “revenge.”

Huh? Wait a sec… so killing Bin Laden makes America less safe? Wasn’t the entire sales job on this supposed to be that killing Bin Laden would make us more safe?

Check out the logic here: George W. Bush said if we don’t kill Bin Laden, we won’t be safe. Obama says now that we DID kill Bin Laden, things are even less safe. So apparently, according to the U.S. government, killing them or not killing produces exactly the same result. We’re all in danger, they insist, no matter who they kill.

Do you see the total perpetual war con job America has been sold over the years, spanning multiple presidents? There are no conditions under which we can go back to being “safe and secure,” you see. There is no list of outlaws that can be taken out so that the government announces “There, now we’re safe. All the bad guys are gone.” Nope, instead we get this perpetual war setup that keeps the munitions manufacturers rolling in dough while our soldiers keep coming home in body bags. It is a complete con job, and it’s all being used to strip away our constitutional rights and freedoms, too.

Anyway, all this is just one more sign that our world has gone completely and utterly mad… and the whole thing is entirely unsustainable.


 There’s plenty more to come, I just wanted to get started.

So, I will return to the many other questions, ramifications, choices, effects on various countries and people, etc. very soon.

In the meantime, please comment!

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