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Ending the Mindset That Gets Us into War

A post from Sott.net, by David Swanson, War is a Crime.  Source linked here. It provides a picture of the unnecessary promotion and inhumanity of wars to which I dedicate this blog. The Pentagon, the beating heart of the American War Machine … Continue reading

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The British Empire – A Lesson In State Terrorism

From Sott.net, by Joe Quinn:  It’s a long story but needs to be read if true history is the aim. Original source with photos here. For most people in Western nations today, terrorism has become synonymous with large scale spectacular … Continue reading

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World War III ?

A few things I need to make clear: Regular readers of this blog will be well aware of my motivations in publishing information or criticisms on global issues. The resulting sometimes outspoken views are generally supporting the ‘underdog’, the public well-being,(often … Continue reading

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