World War III ?

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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A few things I need to make clear:

Regular readers of this blog will be well aware of my motivations in publishing information or criticisms on global issues. The resulting sometimes outspoken views are generally supporting the ‘underdog’, the public well-being,(often the same thing’), and are sometimes about very contentious issues.

In publishing the following CEC Australia Media Release, I am very likely risking my credibility, but ask that you understand my point of view. I do not have serious agreement with the contents, I do have serious concerns that they may be, in fact, exactly the case.

Lyndon La Rouche has proven his credibility in the world finance crisis scene, also his understanding of the CAGW scam, now really becoming obvious to the public. His take on the British Empire world domination agenda seems possible from all that is going on, but is unclear and certainly not yet a ‘given’.

It may well be that he is right. If so, it will be apt if this blog is in touch with reality, albeit catastrophic. If not, we will still have learned much about the outside world and what makes it tick.  “There is much afoot”, I hope we get the facts right and succeed in unravelling the mystery.

Lyndon LaRouche: The British Empire’s WWIII plan must be stopped this weekend!

American statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche issued the following emergency statement on 24th November, the evening of the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. Russia has since deployed three of its warships into harms way off the coast of Syria, as a war avoidance measure since its warnings against an attack have fallen on deaf ears in Washington and London; Russia is betting its move will reinforce the position of the U.S. military leaders who are emphatically opposed to a war, and the saner heads in Washington will not want to risk a showdown. On the other hand, the British-Saudi manipulated Arab League has hit Syria with provocative sanctions, the Turks have stepped up their rhetoric and actions against Syria at the same time as they have signed deals with the British for military and strategic cooperation, and NATO inflicted enormous damage on its alliance with Pakistan after attacking the Pakistan border on the weekend and killing 28 Pakistani soldiers. We are witnessing the drive for a war designed by London as a chaos operation like the Seven Years War [ending 1763], designed to collapse London’s dupes one after another like ninepins, and thus to force Russia and China into the conflict, unleashing a thermonuclear World War III and bringing about the oligarchs’ goal of depopulation.

“This empire is determined to set the nations of the world into a war with one another, which is intended that civilization as we’ve now known it, will no longer exist. This is not only a general prospect; this is the immediate situation this weekend. This is not a weekend like other weekends. We’re now on the verge—and it’s set in place right now—of a chain reaction, which could mean the extermination of civilization as we’ve known it.

“Now this is being set up by the British Empire, and nobody else. And nobody else. If you don’t think the British Empire is the enemy, you don’t understand the ABCs of the situation.

“A war now, do you know what it means? Do you know what thermonuclear weapons mean? Do you realize that what’s going on in the Middle East, so-called, cannot be waged by anything other than nuclear weapons? This also means thermonuclear weapons?

“So don’t talk about this interest, or that interest. Don’t try to take sides in the silly quarrels which people are indulging in in the Middle East and elsewhere today. Pay no attention to this. They don’t have any reality except stupidity. If you try to win these wars, you lose everything. You have to prevent these wars from occurring, or you lose everything.

“And the best example is to look at the study of the Seven Years War, from 1756 to 1763. And that war is the war that established the British Empire as the dominant imperial force on this planet. Because they induced the leading nations of continental Europe, and others, to make fools of themselves by fighting wars against one another, where the trick was, to get them to bleed themselves into weakness by fighting one another, and thus opening the gates for a British takeover, British imperial takeover, of the whole system. And that is exactly what happened.

“The only thing that saved civilization in that period, was the struggle of the United States, to create the United States. This struggle began, formally, in about 1620. It came with the settlement—and tonight, this is Thanksgiving. What’s Thanksgiving represent? A party, a feast, that was being held in what became Massachusetts, including one of my ancestors. I’m one of those people who has a ancestor when that occurred … but, on the Mayflower.

“But out of that came the struggle which came out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which was of the same kind of character, and this established in the United States, the concept which actually was attributable to Nicholas of Cusa. And this concept being created, despite the crushing of Massachusetts, in the latter part of the century, despite that, it set into motion something that stayed in motion, effectively from 1620 through the establishment of our Federal Republic.

“This is the only thing on this planet which has so far been able to cripple the attempts of the British Empire to realize the intention of becoming a new Roman Empire.

“We’re now at the point where the corruption of the United States, has reached the point, that if we don’t beat the Empire now, in what it’s trying to do, and what it’s trying to do with nuclear threats right now, we’re lost. Civilization is lost. “So the solemnity of our cause, the devotion to that cause, an understanding that it lies in our hands to think clearly about how we do avoid falling into the traps the enemy sets for us … And that’s what should be on our minds. Because this is not something for the distant future. This is this weekend, this weekend. The plan is in place! It will set into motion World War III, right now.

“I think we can beat that. But we have to be determined to do so.

“So I think the element of solemnity at this occasion, ought to be taken into account.

“What does our life mean after all? We’re born, we die. What’s important about our life is what we leave to the future of humanity.”

Food for thought, at least!  Your comments very welcome.


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Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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