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World War III ?

A few things I need to make clear: Regular readers of this blog will be well aware of my motivations in publishing information or criticisms on global issues. The resulting sometimes outspoken views are generally supporting the ‘underdog’, the public well-being,(often … Continue reading

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AGW – Significant Support for AGW sceptics/deniers. (The Emails)

AGW – Damning emails, wait, there’s more!    🙂 Posted on November 26, 2011 by Ken McMurtrie JoNova’s post on AGW, incriminating emails, 2nd release, reveals absolutely damning evidence of agenda bias and non-observance of scientific principles and morals. Continue reading → … Continue reading

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Somalia – Death and Corruption

MICHELLE SHEPHARD, NATIONAL SECURITY REPORTER for the ‘Toronto Star’, has a heart-wrenching, enlightening report posted on http://somalia.thestar.com/, titled “Somalia – Where Famine is a Crime” A couple of extracts highlight not only the health and starvation issues but also the political … Continue reading

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