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9/11 – Lack of Evidence – Without looking for It! (Or actually ignoring It!)

Thanks to COTO for keeping this issue alive on the net. The 9/11  tragedy is such an enormous incident, gigantic in its ramifications, yet manages to stay aloof from truth revelations and justice. A travesty of justice, no less! I am … Continue reading

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AGW – Are atmospheric IR Temperature measurements valid?

This ‘National Review Online‘ post by Greg Pollowitz raises what is potentially a serious issue. As far as can be seen, this is a new claim, one which will undoubtedly create some degree of turmoil in the blogging space, if … Continue reading

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“History of Science” (relative to AGW)

Amazing how a new post can be inspired! A link suggested from the previous post by the  ‘wordpress’ program leads to this Wikipedia article: The history of science is the study of the historical development of human understandings of the … Continue reading

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AGW – Space and Weather Science Gone Wild

This post by Sott.net is a comprehensive over-view of the ‘science’ aspects of the AGW debate. It is titled “The Cs Hit List: Space and Weather Science Gone Wild” and is authored by Harrison Koehli. I like much of this article and … Continue reading

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Chris Horner Videos – Global Warming fraudulent.

A couple of videos supporting the claims that AGW and all its factions are a scam, practically nothing to do with climate change issues, whatever they may be. Rather, as is fairly clear from the first video, the scenario is … Continue reading

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