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“Using the Earth & Inhabitants as Test Subjects”

This Title refers to another intelhub article itself titled ” Military Choppers Spotted In Groves Above Florida as Drills Ensue ” linked here. By Bob Tuskin Intellihub.com March 15, 2013 My wife and I have been wondering why there has … Continue reading

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Door opens for China’s massive takeover of overseas assets

From ‘China Daily Mail’ by chankaiyee2 : Seeing its $3 trillion foreign exchange reserve dropping in value due to falling US dollar exchange rate, China is anxiously looking for opportunities to take over profitable foreign assets. CNOOC’s takeover of Nexen is … Continue reading

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DOOMSDAY FIRE: Millions of Volcanoes are Stirring Beneath the World’s Oceans

This is of intense interest!  A ‘FourWinds10.com’ post. Possibly a foretaste of a grim future, certainly a serious contender for global temperature increases. In 1993, marine geophysicists aboard the research vessel Melville discovered 1,133 previously unmapped underwater volcanoes off the … Continue reading

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Court Rules US Taxpayers, Not BP Or Transocean, Are Liable For Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up Costs

This court ruling, as highlighted by Alexander Higgins , (http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/) is UNBELIEVABLE! If this is not a clear case of CORRUPTION, IRRESPONSIBILITY, and INJUSTICE, all that I have been brought up to believe about right and wrong has been wasted on me. My brain … Continue reading

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