Court Rules US Taxpayers, Not BP Or Transocean, Are Liable For Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up Costs

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This court ruling, as highlighted by  , ( is UNBELIEVABLE! If this is not a clear case of CORRUPTION, IRRESPONSIBILITY, and INJUSTICE, all that I have been brought up to believe about right and wrong has been wasted on me. My brain must need re-wiring, it seems!

US District court has dismissed over 100,000 lawsuits brought against BP And Transocean to pay for oil spill clean up costs and environmental damages caused to the Gulf of Mexico from the BP Gulf Oil Spill. The court ruled that injury stopped the moment the well was sealed and the Federal Government, aka The US Taxpayer, is now liable for clean up costs along with any damages caused by deficiencies of the cleanup of the Gulf Of Mexico.

The US District Courts have ruled that since oil is no longer flowing from the Macando Well BP and Transocean are not liable for cleanup costs and damages from the BP Gulf Oil Spill since the “well has already been sealed and the injury has already been committed”.

In the ruling the court goes on note that Federal Government is in charge of the oil spill clean up efforts. Thus any damages related to the cleanup are now the burden of the Federal Government, meaning the US Taxpayer.

The ruling means that Taxpayers are not only liable for the clean up of the BP Gulf Oil Spill but it also means that any damages caused by deficiencies of the clean up in the Gulf is now also the responsibility of the US Taxpayer.

The lawsuits against BP have been bundled into separate packages with all of the lawsuits pertaining to BP’s liability for cleanup costs and environmental damages being dismissed with this ruling.

I have difficulty in refraining from some very rude remarks about this injustice. It is almost inconceivable that a court, a court of law and justice, can see any way to view its ruling as anything but ABSURD, ABSOLUTELY ABSURD! Even INSANE!

If I read the judges comments correctly, according to him, the leak(s) have stopped. Therefore damage and liability occurring from the leaks after they started and before they stopped, and ongoing from residual presence of leaked and dispersion materials are not due to them or their source – Halloo! Is there anything between the ears?

As Alexander states: “The Irony. The Fascism. The Greed. The Corruption”

Complete article here:

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