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Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake

I am also absolutely certain as a strategic analyst that 9/11 itself, from which all else flows, was a classic Mossad–orchestrated operation. But Mossad did not do it alone. They needed local help within America (and perhaps elsewhere) and they had … Continue reading

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A look at some UN influences, not looking good.

The U.N.’s climate of desperation “As the United Nations wrapped up its recent climate conference in Bonn, talks organizer Christiana Figueres proclaimed that climate change is the “the most important negotiation the world has ever faced.” Faced with real problems – … Continue reading

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CO2 science. A version including H2O effects.

This point is so crucial to the debate over global warming that how water vapor is or isn’t factored into an analysis of Earth’s greenhouse gases makes the difference between describing a significant human contribution to the greenhouse effect, or a negligible one.
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