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AGW – Flashback video – Is the Science Real? – Is there a Political Agenda?

Perusing WUWT’s post “Announcement: WUWT-TV to counter Al Gore’s ’24 Hours of Climate Reality’ with live webcast and reading some very interesting reader comments, I came across this video from the early days when it was still remembered that there was … Continue reading

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Western War on “just about everybody else”

This endless warmongering is a frustrating thing to include in this blog. One gets a strong feeling of the futility of presenting the truth to the public. Nothing seems to change, except for the worse.  With this mention of the … Continue reading

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America the Police State.

Originally posted on Hidden Agendas:
Published on Apr 28, 2012 by 829speedy GERALD CELENTE – Obama’s work is done. America the Police State. NDAA Act, No Judge, No Jury Category: News & Politics

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