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Australia Suspends Operations after Russian S-400 Warning vs. Uninvited Overflight in Syria

Originally posted on Covert Geopolitics:
Yesterday, Russia issued a stern warning that it will target any uninvited military overflight in Syrian airspace after the ISIS Air Force shot down one Syrian fighter jet that was conducting legitimate operations in Raqqa,…

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The Wind and the Sun. A call for sanity and commonsense.

This post has subtlety, wisdom, commonsense and truth. Israel must be made to understand that the world is in dire need of peace. Not stopping the war crimes represents uncivilized and unforgivable human and political behaviour. To worsen the situation … Continue reading

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Selective Outrage and Empathy In The USA

This ‘Sott.net‘ post might just sink in, to the public consciousness of American and other complicit countries’ residents, and help sort out their bias and short-sightedness. Of course most of the human damage, and its extent, being caused overseas is … Continue reading

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Global Turmoil not Just about Oil!

The UN seems to be fully committed to continued wars and takeover of sovereign countries. (They certainly should be “committed”, for inhumanity and war crimes). It is sad that we have reached the stage of civilization whereby the organizations having some authority … Continue reading

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