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Ahmadinejad: Attribution of Zionism to Jewish Community Biggest Crime

Further clarification of what is “Judaism” and what is “Zionism”. Think about whether Ahmadinejad talks more sense than Obama, Hillary Clinton and Netanyahu. Related articles Jews in Iran Not What You Think (willyloman.wordpress.com) Disgraceful: Amb. Susan Rice ditched Netanyahu’s speech … Continue reading

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“As The War Drums Beat”

Are there always two sides to any story? Almost always – yes! In the case of Iran and its claimed threat to the Middle East stability, predominantly a claim by Israel, there is significant evidence and the force of logic … Continue reading

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Global Turmoil not Just about Oil!

The UN seems to be fully committed to continued wars and takeover of sovereign countries. (They certainly should be “committed”, for inhumanity and war crimes). It is sad that we have reached the stage of civilization whereby the organizations having some authority … Continue reading

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