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7 Signs You May be a Victim of Statism

Synchronicity is the word! From the previous post on personal freedoms, an immediate sighting of this article by Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Waking Times , published by ‘The Mind Unleashed‘ “The State is the name of the coldest of all cold monsters. … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Junior. A philosophy on human behaviour.

Why this topic? It’s inspired by my “addiction” to blogging and Facebook where I have collected a number of “friends” who have similar ideas to me about justice  and the associated “lack of”, in the modern world. Maybe it was … Continue reading

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Wisdom of the Elders – (True for Native Indians.)

Simple, but profound and GOOD! [BTW “jelousy” is a correct alternative spelling]

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The Wind and the Sun. A call for sanity and commonsense.

This post has subtlety, wisdom, commonsense and truth. Israel must be made to understand that the world is in dire need of peace. Not stopping the war crimes represents uncivilized and unforgivable human and political behaviour. To worsen the situation … Continue reading

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