National facial recognition ‘incompatible with a free society’, privacy groups warn

Further evidence of Australians losing their freedom!


Privacy groups unite to oppose facial recognition. Photo: EFA

Australia’s leading privacy and civil liberties organisations have condemned the decision by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) to provide all images from state and territory driver’s licence databases to a national facial biometric capability system.

These organisations, including the Australian Privacy FoundationDigital Rights WatchQueensland Council for Civil LibertiesNSW Council for Civil LibertiesLiberty VictoriaSouth Australian Council for Civil Liberties and Electronic Frontiers Australia, have called the comprehensive facial recognition database ‘unnecessary’ and ‘fundamentally incompatible with a free and open society’.

They have also called for further transparency and details of the new proposals, arguing that national identification systems are the foundation for ‘suspicionless, warrantless mass surveillance’ and are a ‘disproportionate invasion of the privacy rights of all Australians’.


This week, following a mass-shooting in Las Vegas, it was confirmed 

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