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Australian Medical Association calls for mandatory proof of vaccination

Because there are so many reasonable questions about the safety and efficacy of vaccinations, and so many pharma companies have demonstrated their agenda of profits before patient well being, mandatory vaccinations are not justifiable as acceptable procedures. It is easy … Continue reading

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Australian government departments attack basic freedoms

From ‘Natural News‘, an article by REALAustralianSceptics. Oh Yes! We follow the UN/USA assiduously. “Global Warming”, Gun control, “War of Terror”, overseas regime change, (perhaps here too, remember how Julia Gillard magically took over?), UN control support, globalization, Big Business, … Continue reading

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Australian three-year-olds targeted for bogus psychiatric disorders such as sleeping with the light on

A ‘Natural News’ post by Mike Bundrant.  [Thanks Crystal  @ TIP] (NaturalNews) The Australian government and the Australian Medical Association are targeting 27,000 three-year-olds for psychiatric treatment. A new government funded program seeks to treat normal preschool children to discover … Continue reading

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