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“Christchurch Call” Establishes Dangerous Pretext for State Censorship.

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia Media Release Tuesday, 28 May 2019 Craig Isherwood‚ National Secretary Email: cec@cecaust.com.au Website: http://www.cecaust.com.au An enlightening ‘picture’ of Australia’s security programs and their effect on citizens’ privacy and freedoms. The question arises, to what end are … Continue reading

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Push for Australians’ web browsing histories to be stored

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Is the Tasmanian Government telling us the real facts about a Tasmanian smart meter rollout? – Tasmanian Times

Originally posted on Stop Smart Meters Australia:
On 26 May 2013, an inaugural public information meeting was held in Hobart about the proposed Tasmanian Government’s introduction of a smart electricity grid throughout the state. Ref: http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php?/pr-article/public-meeting-on-smart-meters/ Central to the government’s proposal…

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Revealed – Australia’s own PRISM facility

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Privacy, Security and Sanity

Originally posted on COTO Report:
By Robert C. Koehler COTO Report What I keep longing to hear, in the hemorrhaging national debate about Edward Snowden, whistleblowing and the NSA, is some acknowledgment of what the word “security” actually means, and…

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Australia – Action needed to prevent ‘Big Brother’ spying on us.

Originally posted on JustMEinT's General Blog:
Not too much is being said in the main stream media about the Australian Government’s proposal to intercept, read and store all your personal data off the internet…. let alone demanding access to…

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