Is the Tasmanian Government telling us the real facts about a Tasmanian smart meter rollout? – Tasmanian Times

So we see that each Australian state has its own regulations and choices.

No national legislation mandating smart meters, just an international drive for control over householders, meaning the population at large, which adds harmful RF radiation to families and enables absolute outside control over each household and small business regarding charges and the facility to remove electrical energy supplies.

Removal either by accident, intention or by hacking by any person or power that has the expertise.

What increases the scariness is the fact that a power outside of Australia is able to influence State Governments into creating regulations that are  potentially dangerous, not people friendly, not wanted or needed, and have bypassed the national government.

Scary stuff, in my opinion.

Stop Smart Meters Australia

On 26 May 2013, an inaugural public information meeting was held in Hobart about the proposed Tasmanian Government’s introduction of a smart electricity grid throughout the state.


Central to the government’s proposal is the replacement of the existing analogue power meters with so called “smart meters” that wirelessly transmit energy usage back to the utility and give the consumer ‘real-time’ data on their energy usage. No longer will the energy provider need to employ meter readers to physically go from house to house to record electricity use – it will all be done wirelessly.

The organizers of the May 26 public meeting were concerned that the people of Tasmania were not receiving balanced information on the extent of claimed benefits and the pitfalls of introducing a smart grid in the state. This imbalance is illustrated in the Tasmanian government’s November 2012 information paper, Electricity Smart Networks which paints…

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