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More CLN posts of Vital Interest

Much of value here.  This is the easiest way to keep this blog up to date with important issues. There are far too many to treat these issues individually. Thanks ‘Conscious Life News‘. What’s the Pentagon Hiding at a Georgia … Continue reading

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Emergency Declared at Fukushima

From ‘nsnbc‘, the latest on the Fukushima catastrophe. The level of health danger to the whole world cannot be exaggerated. The poor Japanese are in for a torrid future. The rest of the world cannot escape serious consequences and should … Continue reading

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Top 8 Tips to Feed Your Brain and Power Up for the Day: Brain Boosting Foods!

I subscribe to this blog because it supplies a lot of good information. Related articles Chocolate may boost brain power for some — but darker isn’t better (today.com) Top Brain Foods 101 (theoriginalchiaritarian.wordpress.com) Two cups of hot cocoa a day … Continue reading

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