Syria – More Information Relevant to Impending War Crimes Against a Sovereign State.


Syria (Photo credit: ewixx)

A compilation of relevant posts from informed sources. I prefer this information rather than from the mainstream media and the agenda-driven Western Leaders.

Western logic on Syria: ‘We need to bomb it to save it’

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Nile Bowie (LD) , – The military buildup in the Mediterranean indicates that Assad’s opponents intend to militarily intervene in Syria under cover of  ‘humanitarian intervention’, a disingenuous narrative that could not be further from the truth.

Pictures and videos that have surfaced following the alleged use of chemical agents in the eastern suburbs of Damascus are profoundly disturbing and a thorough and substantial investigation into what took place there is absolutely essential. However, it is conversely disturbing that those Western governments who have staunchly supported anti-government militants are using this opportunity to legitimize the use of force against the government in Damascus.

Russia calls on West to “Be Reasonable” regarding Syria

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Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) , – The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed regret over the United States´posponement of the meeting on Syria in The Haague, which was due to be held on Wednesday, 28 August. The postponement comes as the Western, anti-Syrian alliance has sharpened its military posture against Syria, leading analysts to
expect that a Syria war, and in consequence, a wider Middle East war may be imminent.

“Lukashevich stressed, that it is of the utmost importance, that the U.S. Officials and all members of the UNSC must be reasonable and adherent to international law, and to be committed to the basic principles which are enshrined in the Charter of the UN. He reiterated, that the most urgent task for the time being must be the convening of the Geneva 2 conference, and he pointed out that Russia expects that the USA will fulfill its role in preparations for the conference.”

Greater Middle East War May Be Imminent. West Builds Up for Syria War

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After the recent deployment of the cruise missile ship USS Mahn and three other US Navy ships within striking range of Syria, the military buildup continues. Warplanes and military transporters have been moved to the British Akrotiri airbase in Cyprus. Besides the buildup up in plane sight, major Saudi Weapons deliveries via Jordan began reaching the insurgents during the recent visit of the U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army General Martin Dempsey in  Jordan.

A Palestinian intelligence source has warned already in June and July that a large scale military attack on Syria was planned for August and September, using large scale chemical weapons use as a pretext. Iran warns Washington not to cross the red line in Syria.
Israel considers a limited war on Syria possible. Russia warns against grave mistakes. A wider Middle East war with global consequences may be imminent.

Hercules C-130 in rapid deployment operation.

Hercules C-130 in rapid deployment operation.

British warplanes and military transporters have been moved to the British Akrotiri airbase in  Cyprus. The deployment is the latest indication for the preparation of a military attack on Syria by the anti-Syrian alliance. The British newspaper The Guardian reports, that commercial pilots claimed to have  observed Hercules C-130 transport planes from their planes and formations of what could have been European fighter jets on  their on-board radar.

Chemical weapons in Syria: who, what, where, when, why?

from ‘nsnbc’

Other physical evidence the inspectors will look for will include expended shell or bomb casings that could have contained chemical weapons. They will also study the pattern of injury and death that the incident left on the ground. The release of a compound from containers at ground level will have a different dispersion from artillery bursting in the air.

If the UN inspectors can get sufficient blood and/or urine samples from the victims, they should be able to determine the cause of the incident.

But if a chemical weapon attack is confirmed, it may be somewhat harder to positively identify the perpetrators.  [My emphasis and stressing that this is really the issue – WHO is/are the perpetrator(s). Without definite proof, the whole inspection issue is virtually irrelevant].

CONFIRMED: US Claims Against Syria – There is no Evidence

Tony Cartalucci (LD) , – The Wall Street Journal has confirmed what many suspected, that the West’s so-called “evidence” of the latest alleged “chemical attacks” in Syria, pinned on the Syrian government are fabrications spun up from the West’s own dubious intelligence agencies.

cialogoThe Wall Street Journal reveals that the US is citing claims from Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency fed to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), a repeat of the fabrications that led up to the Iraq War, the Libyan War, and have been used now for 3 years to justify continued support of extremists operating within and along Syria’s borders.

Wall Street Journal’s article, “U.S., Allies Prepare to Act as Syria Intelligence Mounts,” states:

One crucial piece of the emerging case came from Israeli spy services, which provided the Central Intelligence Agency with intelligence from inside an elite special Syrian unit that oversees Mr. Assad’s chemical weapons, Arab diplomats said. The  intelligence, which the CIA was able to verify, showed that certain types of chemical weapons were moved in advance to the same Damascus suburbs where the attack allegedly took place a week ago, Arab diplomats said.

Both Mossad and the CIA are clearly compromised in terms of objectivity and legitimacy. Neither exists nor is expected to provide impartial evidence, but rather to facilitate by all means necessary the self-serving agendas, interests, and objectives of their respective governments.

War Propaganda and Media Lies Within the Syria Conflict

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Investigative journalist Michel Collon speaks with RT on the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict. Collon says that the Western nations are not at all interested in having a serious investigation to find the truth.  They are only interested in a pretext to oust Assad.

Did Bashar el Assad use chemical weapons in Syria? Western leaders already have made up their minds that he did – even though they have absolutely no evidence. Their declarations follow the 5 principles of war propaganda that Michel Collon explains.

U.S. War Plans for August / September; Known since June

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) , – Plans for both large scale chemical weapons use and a major military campaign against Syria have been known since June. Three reports, published on nsnbc international on 29 June and 7 July and 11 July already detailed the planned attack, including the large scale use of chemical weapons in an attempt to justify renewed calls for humanitarian corridors, a no-fly-zone and a military intervention. Western corporate and state funded media failed to report on the evidence. The disclosure of the plans already in June and July, discredits the coming aggression against Syria, by yet another “coalition of the willing” as an additional NATO aggression, based on lies, propaganda, and deception.

Western pathological liars hold world to ransom

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Finian Cunningham (PRESS TV) , – The US, British and French governments have engaged in a decade of constant lies and war crimes around the world. The intermittent imperialist adventures of these capitalist powers over the past century have now subsumed into a seamless, never-ending state of permanent war on the world, as American fascist ideologues have long salivated for.

Syria is but their latest slaughter house, having unleashed a covert terror campaign on that country for the past two and half years using an array of mercenary death squads to topple the sovereign government of President Bashar al-Assad.

These articles, all linked by their titles,  provide sufficient evidence of reasonable doubt about the “official” propaganda blaming the Syrian government for chemical attacks. It follows that any war against Syria, even if it was sanctioned by the UN Security Council, which it is not, constitutes war crimes.

Thus providing reason to delve into the reality of who are the villains and why!

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2 Responses to Syria – More Information Relevant to Impending War Crimes Against a Sovereign State.

  1. I also do not believe the media propaganda, governmental linguistic tricks and the brainwashing that ‘we the west’ are the good guys….the west, our west, is sick – pathologically sick and we have no power to stop it…I fear for the future, I really do.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      So many people are unable to even be suspicious of their governments, even when the evidence is strong and plentiful.
      However, there are plenty who can see the truth so we are not alone.
      Nevertheless, as you say, we have no power to stop the madness.
      To fear for the future is, unfortunately, very realistic.

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