Vaccines – Manufacturers short on proof, details and facts.

Reblogged here because the negative issues associated with the lack of safety testing, evidence of side-effect dangers and lack of evidence of efficacy warrant as much additional information as possible. Hearing only one side of the story, from the manufacturers and distributors is logically unwise and lacking in commonsense.

“At the end of the article, data is finally offered. But there are no links and no citations as to where that data comes from. The article also briefly mentions that in America, Pap smears are still most effective against cervical cancer – which begins to explain why the article spends so much time on how the HPV vaccine might be able to fight other cancers. Then it gets into the business of how women in developing countries – where Pap smears are less common – would benefit from the vaccine. Here, of course, the source consulted is Bill GatesGAVI Alliance – which works closely with Merck and GlaxoSmithKline. Unsurprisingly, the author of the articles has written other articles lauding Bill Gates’ vaccine efforts as well.”

The Vaccine Xchange

Forbes currently has an article up that can at best be described as an ode to the HPV vaccine. Uncritically presenting the view of pharmaceutical industries, the article is so incredibly misleading that we thought we would point out some of its fallacies here.

The writer begins by describing the case of Neal Fowler, not surprisingly the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. Fowler was diagnosed with throat cancer, caused by the HPV virus. Fowler is furious that Gardasil is not being promoted against throat cancer as well, even though there isn’t actually any evidence that proves Gardasil is effective against the throat cancer strain. Since this evidence will take “at least 20 years” to gather, Fowler reasons, why even wait for proof?

“We’ve got this two- or three-decade window where more and more of these patients like myself are going to emerge,” says Fowler. “To me the ­[vaccine] risk is…

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