July 1912 GISS Anomaly (-0.47) Was Warmer Than January 2007 GISS Anomaly (+0.94) – (Now Includes February Data)

This is not for the non-academic readers but included as additional evidence that claims about trends in the so-called average global temperature are best left to the mathematical experts.
However, two things are clear –
It is virtually impossible to compute a meaningful global average temperature.
It is impossible to define a temperature trend that can be agreed to by a genuine spread of experts. Only those with a barrow to push can expect the world to accept a particular unsupported conclusion and unfortunately, much of the world does. This is not science, as it should be!
WUWT, with its many expert submissions, shows this quite clearly.
Then to use a conclusion that is impossible to ratify to create major global financial and political upheavals is, again, clearly unjustified.
So, dear readers, please think carefully about the science aspect when listening to the political jargon.
Not just regarding temperatures but also about the incredible claims that are being propagated about extreme weather events and the need for carbon controls.
The risk of unwittingly becoming a willing participant in an extensive (and expensive) deception is real.

Watts Up With That?

John Kehr – The Inconvenient Skeptic – Click the pic to view at source

Image Credit: The above graphic was sourced from this article by John Kehr on his blog The Inconvenient Skeptic, and he also authored this interesting article on WUWT.

Guest Post By Werner Brozek, Edited By Just The Facts

It may appear as if there is a typo in the title, however some of you will know exactly what I am talking about. What we are given in various data sets are anomalies. So depending on the base period, new values for a given year or month are compared to values for 30 or more years in the past.

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