CRU Temperature Fraud

How can this be denied?
Who are the real deniers?

” Evidence is overwhelming that global warming/climate change is the biggest fraud in history. “

A selected “timeline” from the post:

” By 1940, the Arctic had warmed six degrees, and sea ice had dramatically declined in thickness. “

” By 1947, a ten degree rise in Arctic temperature was reported, and scientists were worried about sea level rise drowning seaports. “

” However, a dramatic turnaround occurred, and by 1961 there was unanimous consensus for global cooling. “

” By 1970, the US and Soviet Union were trying to figure out why the Arctic ice was becoming “frigid” and Arctic sea ice was becoming “ominously thicker.” “

“In 1976, scientists blamed “freakish weather” on global cooling, and the CIA said global cooling “will become the central issue of every government.” “

” In 1979, the global cooling since WWII was “indisputable.” NOAA reported 0.5C global cooling” “

My beliefs are based on sound evidence and valid science, can readers say the same?

Real Science

The CRU temperature record run by Phil Jones is fraudulent. The case for this is shown clearly below.

In 1922, the US Consul reported a “radical change of climatic conditions in the Arctic” with “unheard of high temperatures.”  “Many old landmarks are so changed as to be unrecognizable.” “Glaciers have … entirely disappeared

In 1923, the glaciers of Glacier National Park in Montana were rapidly disappearing and predicted to be gone by 1950.

Medford_Mail_Tribune_Sat__Dec_29__1923_29 Dec 1923, Page 5 – at

By 1939, all of the glaciers in Eastern Greenland were nearing “catastrophic collapse.

2015-12-14-03-46-0617 Dec 1939, Page 15 – at

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