One of the sickest examples of vaccine industry corruption – Wyeth internal memo.

More evidence of lies and corruption by the authorities concerning SIDS and SBS.

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“In 1978-79, eleven babies (all in Tennessee) were found to have died within eight days of a DPT vaccination. Nine of the eleven had been vaccinated with the same lot of pertussis vaccine, Wyeth #64201 and five (four from the same lot) had died within twenty-four hours of vaccination.”
*Now will you please take another look at the memo..
“read closely — a series of SIDS deaths in Tennessee is …prompting Wyeth officials to make sure that vials from a single lot don’t get distributed to a single state, county or health department.”
*SICK. Spread the death out so no one will know.
  “The statistical evidence in favor of a connection between the deaths and the DPT shot was strong. Would the medical authorities bite the bullet and admit the vaccine was related to the deaths? Absolutely not.
 It’s a long and unpleasant tale…

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  1. omanuel says:

    Readers may:

    (a) Submit formal comments to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) against reclassifying electroshock machines to legitimize their use,


    (b) Sign the petition that will go to the FDA:

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