AGM – More on Australian BOM Infidelities.

So much evidence of ‘cooking the temperature record books’ needs to be exposed to the public to help them decide if global warming is likely to be catastrophic, whether atmospheric CO2 is indeed a significant factor, whether GW is in fact actually happening at all as an ongoing trend, and whether the political enthusiasm for carbon controls has any valid scientific basis? And if not, the public need to consider the UN agenda behind it all!

This informative post by ‘JoNova‘ offers such evidence.

Another BOM scandal: Australian climate data is being destroyed as routine practice

Historic climate data is being destroyed

The Bureau have a budget of a million dollars a day, but seemingly can’t afford an extra memory stick to save historic scientific data.

In the mid 1990s thermometers changed right across Australia — new electronic sensors were installed nearly everywhere. Known as automatic weather sensors (AWS) these are quite different to the old “liquid in glass” type. The electronic ones can pick up very short bursts of heat –  so they can measure extremes of temperatures that the old mercury or liquid thermometers would not pick up, unless the spike of heat lasted for a few minutes. It is difficult (impossible) to believe that across the whole temperature range that these two different instruments would always behave in the exact same way. There could easily be an artificial warming trend generated by this change (see the step change in the graphs). The only way to compare the old and new types of thermometer is to run side by side comparisons in the field and at many sites. Which is exactly what the bureau were doing, but the data has never been put in an archive, or has been destroyed. It’s not easily available (or possibly “at all”). We have this in writing after an FOI application by Dr Bill Johnston (see below).

Read the complete article here.

Perhaps wonder if the funding of $1million per day has any political influence? There appears to be plenty of evidence.

Perhaps wonder if measurement siting including airports is a bias factor?

Explaining the title – Not marital unfaithfulness, but responsibility to the public!,
pl. -ties.
1. marital unfaithfulness; adultery.
2. disloyalty.
3. a breach of trust; transgression.

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