Mercury in Vaccines

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Mercury,  in the form of Thimerosal, is used as a preservative commonly in multi-dose vials of vaccines.
The article linked below is directed at Florida, US, law making and may be area specific.
Thimerosal  is apparently used in some instances, in Australia, referenced here:
Combined diphtheria and tetanus vaccine, CDT, CSL 50 micrograms,
Adult diphtheria and tetanus vaccine, ADT, CSL 50 micrograms,
Diphtheria vaccine, CSL 50 micrograms,
Hepatitis B, Engerix B Adult, GlaxoSmithKline <2 micrograms,
*Influenza vaccines, Fluarix, Influvac, Fluvax,
GlaxoSmithKline, Solvay, CSL 50 micrograms,
Japanese encephalitis vaccine, JE Vax, CSL 
There is little doubt that Thimerosal is a potentially dangerous additive, in particular relating to vaccination of very young babies. 
PLEASE NOTE: The technical information is purely extracted from other websites. The opinions and information, being medical, can only be properly assessed by professionals. This website is offering suggestions and some comments in good faith, but with no authority.  Readers are advised to refer to the refenced published articles. This site hopes to make the reader aware of the available information and possible dangers.
I believe that any claims of unproven links between Thimerosal and autism are being made with influence from the pharma manufacturers, and should not be trusted.
The following is from the article by  Neev M. Arnell.
 Three recent studies, in particular, show the symptoms of mercury poisoning are nearly identical to those of autism, which strongly suggests that mercury in vaccines is at least a major factor in autism (…).Mercury is already a known neurotoxin that causes cancer, damages DNA, alters proper embryonic development, and disrupts the immune system, but researchers at the University of Brazil recently released a study showing that mercury also causes serious brain damage, and is linked to autism and other developmental diseases in children and Alzheimer’s disease in adults (…).

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