Syria appears to have survived the attack on its sovereignty

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This post from NSNBC, titled “President al-Assad: It Is No Longer Possible for the Regional and International Parties Seeking to Destabilize Syria to Forge Facts and the Events” highlights the attempts by the Western control freaks to foment trouble and take-over control. It hasn’t worked in Syria, but a lesson has been learned.

Hopefully also by the global population.

President al-Assad cited in his speech some aspects of the conspiracy hatched against Syria, including the failing media war, blasting the role played by some Arabs as to pave the way for foreign interference in the Syrian affairs.

The President spoke of the Syrian long experience with elected parliaments, parties  highlighting the Syrian Arab role in the Arab League, whose Arabism is to be suspended without the participation of Syria, in reference to the decision taken by the League of Arab States to suspend Syria’s participation.

Read the whole article here.

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