How can this not be significant?

Martin Hovland, an “expert reviewer for the IPCC Working Group 1 on the up-coming Assessment Report 5”,   “can no longer bear to support the AGU”,  because he knows the AGW science is not valid and does not support the global carbon control impositions on the world’s countries.

Still a long way to go, but as one of the published comments said “another brick out of the wall” contributing to the crumbling AGW structure.

Watts Up With That?

Martin Hovland writes in with this statement. It seems that AGU Position Statement keeps costing them members.

He writes:

Although I have been a long-time member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), I hereby refuse to pay my membership fees. The main problem is the organization’s Position Statement on the purported “Human impacts on Climate” This statement includes the following statements: “During recent millennia of relatively stable climate, civilization became established and populations have grown rapidly. In the next 50 years, even the lower limit of impending climate change—an additional global mean warming of 1°C above the last decade—is far beyond the range of climate variability experienced during the past thousand years and poses global problems in planning for and adapting to it.

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Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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