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Asma Al-Assad, Diana of the Middle East: Syria’s First Lady on Gaza

With a bit of luck, the embedded video will present itself and the world (of my readers) will see a possible/probable reason why the ungodly are seeking to destroy the present Syrian leadership. Source: Sott.net  http://www.sott.net/articles/show/242219-Asma-Al-Assad-Diana-of-the-Middle-East-Syria-s-First-Lady-on-Gaza Wife of Syrian President, … Continue reading

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IMF, WB, WTO – by Nicaragüense: Living the Nicaraguan life

Originally posted on Nicaragüense: Living the Nicaraguan life:
Okay, so I know I promised more personal accounts of poverty, but I just realized that I spent a lot of time quoting the World Bank in my last post and…

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