“China calls for peace in Syria and backs referendum”


Syria (Photo credit: No Lands Too Foreign)

Now here’s a how-de-do! With apologies to G&S and yes, I know that was a Japanese story.

I refer to ‘The Telegraph’ article titled as above.

Chinese envoy, Zhai Jun has called on all sides in Syria to end violence   following talks with President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus.

Mr Zai also said he backed the Syrian government’s plan for a referendum on the constitution and future   elections, something the opposition says cannot happen amid continued   violence.

“We hope that the referendum on a new constitution as well as the   forthcoming parliamentary elections pass off calmly,” Mr Zai said.

“The position of China is to call on the government, the opposition and   the rebels to halt acts of violence immediately,” he added.

The Chinese envoy said he hoped to see calm restored as soon as possible.

But one key opposition group, the National Coordination Committee for   Democratic Change has threatened to boycot the 26 February referendum until   the violence and killings had stopped.

This is surely a significant  move by the Chinese to get themselves involved in this way.

Good for them! Perhaps, the Western troublemakers will think twice about their interference in Syria now that China has followed up their UN Security Council vetos in support of Syria, and justice, by the way, with this publicly announced Syrian support.

The madness has to stop and this is a good move.

Read the article here.

As an adjunct: This is an article by ‘TimeWorld’ “U.N.: Crimes Against Humanity in Syria?They are suggesting that the Syrian government has committed war crimes when it is clear to many, including Russia and China, that the war crimes are attributable to the UN and its associates. Worse than hypocracy, it is criminal behaviour in all respects!

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1 Response to “China calls for peace in Syria and backs referendum”

  1. An update of the Chinese response:
    “Chinese newspaper accuses West of provoking civil war in Syria”
    “People’s Daily says demands for Bashar al-Assad to step down could start war that would require foreign intervention”
    Read the ‘Guardian’ article:
    http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/feb/20/chinese-newspaper-west-war-syria .
    Interesting that the West rubbish China and Russia for telling the truth and seem to get away with it because they have the MSM bought and paid for.
    Research the posts on this blog under “Egypt”, “Libya” and “Syria”. Follow their links. Then comment back here as to why I am wrong in publishing support for the Syrian leader, just as it is being offered by China and Russia and we can have a great debate.
    Nothing political here, just fighting for justice and truth. (Neither are there patrotic, religious nor racial influences, just fairness, truth and respect for sovereign statesmanship.
    The US, UK, France, and NATO are so clearly involved in illegal interference, activities, rebel support and war crimes that it it is amazing that any doubt is possible.

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