Japanese Doctor: Children’s health problems increasing — Incurable stomatitis, chest pain, nosebleeds that don’t stop, diarrhea

Fukushima *

Fukushima * (Photo credit: Sterneck)

A post from ‘ENE News’ raising concerns about radiation poisoning effects from Fukushima.

Title: Japan: Fukushima Woman Organizes Radiation Information Centers At Church Source: Eurasia Review Author: By Hisashi Yukimoto Date: April 18, 2012

Terumi Kataoka, who lives just 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, is one of thousands of Japanese who frankly don’t believe what governments and scientists are telling them about the health effects of low-dose radiation.

So Kataoka, 50, has set up the Aizu Radiation Information Center at her local United Church of Christ church in Aizuwakamatsu. Because she is especially concerned about the effect of radiation on children, she also heads the Aizu Society to Protect the Lives of Children from Radiation.

“There is no time to lose. We are called to pray and act with our voices of anger to save the lives of the little ones,” Kataoka told ENInews. […]

Tomoyuki Yamazaki, a Japanese doctor and a United Church member in Wakayama Prefecture in western Japan who provides medical counselling at the information center every month, said in an email to ENInews that an increasing number of children he has seen “have nosebleeds that don’t stop, diarrhea, dark circles under their eyes, and incurable stomatitis [an inflammation of the mucous linings in the mouth]. A growing number of children [at the centre] have pains in their chests.” […]

Read the report here

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  2. Maybelle Dome says:

    Nose bleeds can be caused by benign conditions such as too much heat or exposure to the sun and also it can be caused by more serious ilness like cancer.*

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