Solar cycles and historical climate records.

A very deep and meaningful study into past climatic cycles which doesn’t even need to be read thoroughly to give us credence to two factors. One, that this sort of intelligent study runs rings orbits around the AGW science and its conclusions. Two, that this is evidence of potential global cooling, a warning to think very seriously about the supposed need for carbon controls and taxes.

A degree of speculation, but based on sound logic.

Musings from the Chiefio

From the “Well that’s not good.” department…

All indications are that we are headed into a Grand Solar Minimum. The timing is right. The solar activity is right. The weather shifts are starting to match up (cold / wet in the UK and Europe, dry / hot in the US Midwest and East Russia).

So any historical examples of what happens then?

Solar Cycles

Several folks have done a lot of work to show repeating patterns of solar activity. One very useful chart is here:

based on the (roughly) 179 year solar cycle and the periodic return of “chaotic” motion as the sun enters a retrograde orbital motion about the barycenter.

Notice that the Maunder Minimum runs between the two green arrows at the start panel. Note, too, that the panels are aligned on a 180 year repeat. 1640, 1820, 2000 A.D. for alignment points of grand minima episodes…

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