ATI Files Suit to Compel the University of Arizona to Produce Records Related to So-Called “Hockey Stick” Global Warming Research

AN EXTRACT: “American Tradition Institute (ATI) is a 501 (c) (3) public policy research and public interest litigation foundation advocating restoration of science and free-market principles on environmental issues, including air and water quality and regulation, responsible land use, natural resource management, energy development, property rights, and principles of stewardship. The organization, through its transparency initiative, obtains public information under open records and freedom of information laws, relating to environmental and energy policy and how policymakers use public resources.


I believe that it is extremely important to have access to the requested information as it underpins the global civilization control agenda about which WUWT and many other blogs, criticize as being basically fraudulent.

Secrecy is not acceptable and should not be a part of a process that is publicly funded and of far-reaching, extreme consequences.

One may well ask why opposition to release of information exists unless the particular information reveals proof of fraudulent behaviour? Whatever the reason, it is clearly a cover-up.

Watts Up With That?

For Immediate Release – September 10, 2013

On Friday, September 6th, the American Tradition Institute (ATI), a non-profit public policy organization, along with counsel from the Free Market Environmental Law Clinic (FMELC), filed a lawsuit seeking to compel the University of Arizona (U of A) to produce public records relating to what the London Telegraph’s Christopher Booker called “the worst scientific scandal of our generation”. These records are emails relating to the notorious global warming “Hockey Stick”, and the group that made it famous, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). IPCC is presently in the news for its latest in a running series of proclamations of looming climate catastrophe, and a now ritual proclamation of even greater certainty that economic activity is to blame.

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1 Response to ATI Files Suit to Compel the University of Arizona to Produce Records Related to So-Called “Hockey Stick” Global Warming Research

  1. omanuel says:

    That is great news!

    Climategate was the first public exposure to decades of deception designed in 1945 to hide evidence neutron repulsion in cores of heavy atoms, stars and galaxies cause:

    Fragmentation, fission and neutron emission that becomes H-generation after n-decay.

    To save themselves and the world from nuclear annihilation after 1945, two falsehoods became standard, settled, 97%-consensus science:

    1. Neutrons attract, rather than repel, other neutrons.

    2. Stars consume, rather than generate, hydrogen.

    Both statements are empirically FALSE, i.e., falsified by observations.

    The vulnerability of mankind to nature has increased in direct proportion to the arrogance and overly inflated egos of scientists and world leaders since 1945.

    With kind regards, – Oliver K. Manuel Former NASA Princial Investigator for Apollo

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