Record Global Temperature—Conflicting Reports, Contrasting Implications

Several main attributes of this article :
1. Although purely a scientific discussion it is straightforward and easy to read and understand, ideal for public consumption 🙂
2. It is written without any agenda bias.
3. It reminds us of the complexities of the “climate science”, the relatively miniscule variations (tenths of a degree), in global temperature averages which are processed from temperature variations ranging hundreds of times larger. Polar (seasonal variations roughly [NP: 0 to minus 40 degC], [SP: minus 15 to minus 100 degC]), compared to Equitorial variations (seasonal variations small, perhaps 3 degC but diurnal temperatures can range from 18 to 35 degC). All this, plus temperature measurement vagaries due to LOCATION, accuracies and SELECTION, plus computer averaging program adequacies makes real science a difficult achievement. Add in the human factors of goals and incentives and we have a very unclear science outcome indeed!
4. Also revealed is the obvious lack of balance in the media and general reporting.

This is a very important social and political concern and deserves global exposure. The lack of substance supporting world-shattering economic controls, including a payment of $AU200 million demanded from Australia, indicates a very poor level of intelligence or understanding by governments, or complicity.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay By Paul C. “Chip” Knappenberger and Patrick J. Michaels

Despite what you may think if you reside in the eastern United States, the world as a whole in 2014 has been fairly warm. For the past few months, several temperature-tracking agencies have been hinting that this year may turn out to be the “warmest ever recorded”—for whatever that is worth (keep reading for our evaluation). The hints have been turned up a notch with the latest United Nations climate confab taking place in Lima, Peru through December 12.  The mainstream media is happy to popularize these claims (as are government-money-seeking science lobbying groups).

But a closer look shows two things: first, whether or not 2014 will prove to be the record warmest year depends on whom you ask; and second, no matter where the final number for the year ranks in the observations, it will rank among…

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