Saudi Arabia Press Fingers U.S. Gov’t for WTC 911 Attack

A very interesting article, from ‘Covert Geopolitics’.
With ample evidence to show that US persons and groups were either aware, permitting, covering up, complicit or instigators, the Senate shows a lot of ignorance, lack of intelligence or a not-so-unusual overly optimistic affront in attacking the Saudis so blatantly.
Undoubtedly the Saudis were involved, so were the Israeli Mossad. But for the Senate to pretend or assume that the US were free of involvement is dangerously naive, to put it mildly. They risk being severely “shot in the foot”. Or is it remotely possible that the Senate are really aware of the facts and these facts being brought into the open in this manner will destroy the evil US hierachy and return sane control of the country to them? Just a thought.
Whatever the motivations and end result, here is an opportunity for the press to be sanitized and the public to be a little freer of brainwashing.

Covert Geopolitics

The shit is now hitting the fan.

After the US Senate approved the bill allowing 911 victims to sue the House of Saud for 911 terror, the latter released to media an article pointing instead to the US government as the one behind the planning and execution of the WTC 911 false flag attack in 2001.

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2 Responses to Saudi Arabia Press Fingers U.S. Gov’t for WTC 911 Attack

  1. omanuel says:

    Thank you for this information. Government deception is almost beyond our wildest fears.

    The real challenge now is to peacefully end the deceit without further damage to society.

    • Thanks Oliver.
      The deception is certainly completely beyond the general public comprehension, hoping that this might contribute something towards reducing that.

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