Unified Theory of Climate, Nikolov and Zeller

A telling theory that effectively supports the legitimate claim that climate science is certainly NOT “settled”.
Basing one’s beliefs on the climate alarmist versions of science is basically a waste of time, energy and money.
A serious impediment to a rational, humane civilization.

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unified-1 Figure 10

Unified Theory of Climate
Expanding the Concept of Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect Using
Thermodynamic Principles:
Implications for Predicting Future Climate Change
Ned Nikolov, Ph.D. & Karl Zeller, Ph.D.
Emails: ntconsulting@comcast.netkzeller@colostate.edu

Extended version of the poster presented at the Open Science Conference of the World Climate Research Program, 24 October 2011, Denver CO, USA http://www.wcrp-climate.org/conference2011/posters/C7/C7_Nikolov_M15A.pdf


We present results from a new critical review of the atmospheric Greenhouse (GH) concept. Three main problems are identified with the current GH theory. It is demonstrated that thermodynamic principles  based on the Ideal Gas Law must be invoked to fully explain the Natural Greenhouse Effect, which essence is the boost of global surface temperature above that of an airless planet exposed to the same solar irradiance. We show via a novel analysis of planetary climates in the solar system that the physical nature of the so-called Greenhouse Effect is in fact a…

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