Older Americans Should Be Anti-Lockdown Activists — AIER

Another valid alternative viewpoint.
Just to show that such qualified opinions exist and deserve to be known.

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It’s happened to quite a number of us. We write against the lockdowns for all the incredible economic, psychological, and institutional carnage they have caused, and how they have shattered our expectations of our rights and freedoms, and our presumptions about what government has the power to do to us. We can make a convincing…

Older Americans Should Be Anti-Lockdown Activists — AIER

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About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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9 Responses to Older Americans Should Be Anti-Lockdown Activists — AIER

  1. The young are scared, maybe more-so for their elders, but also because they believe the mass media more readily.
    The elderly might just prefer to take the risks in returning to the old community normal.
    My father told me as a teenager, don’t trust the government, in all my 80 years I have seen no reason to disbelieve that!

    • larryzb says:

      Yes, your father was correct, but he also could have added that we ought not trust the media either (which is more craven and corrupt than decades ago).

      • Exactly, back then,the news was detailed and accurate and not particularly politically influenced. (Probably some influence during elections).
        Now, it is wholly controlled by the deep state
        Now it is my turn to advise my children, some chance?

    • nomad says:

      the elderly might more readily recognize insanity when they see it.

      • One would hope so, but not necessarily happening. My cynical logic leads me to us oldies, I am 80, sacrificing ourselves by accepting the risks and demanding that the isolation and lock-downs immediately cease.
        Too late now because the economy is past redemption. Stupid part is that the vulnerable are/were, going to die soon anyway!
        End result, no lives saved anyway, [just delayed], economy ruined, and full crowd control in place. So sad!!!
        Worse still, the public still does not realize what is going on !!!!

      • nomad says:

        plus we of the older generation have lived thru pandemics before.
        1968 Pandemic (H3N2 virus)           -Death Toll: 1 million
        1957-1958 Pandemic (H2N2 virus) -Death Toll: 2 million
        the covid thus far is about 610,000 dead. so its so far no worse than those.
        and you and i know that they didnt shut down the economy for those. nor were we required to wear masks. myself, i was completely unaware these pandemics were taking place. what our leaders are doing over this one is completely insane. and thats no hyperbole.

      • Also, reported cases and death numbers are suggested, by some, to be very exaggerated. Something I strongly agree with.
        Absolutely, no medical justification for lockdowns!

      • Kenneth T. says:

        As of 9-11 the worldwide total was 917 thousand dead.

        The US of A bring in the lead – of course. Strangely – our deaths were shown as 197 thousand (same individual digits, only the “1”being in front)

        ***and I know this because google told me

      • Just about ALL the Middle East deaths and injuries since then can be attributed to 9/11, then the associated US military casualties including injuries, physical and mental, and suicides. Countless numbers.

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