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Obama Invites 80,000 Muslim Immigrants Into the United States

Can anyone fathom this? Whenever I support Muslims in general in the face of Muslim extremism, opponents of Muslim extremists usually cite Muslim opposition to Christians and other religions as being basic doctrine for the religion and say their hatred … Continue reading

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Is Pope Francis Laying The Groundwork For A One World Religion?

The title of an ‘IntelliHub’ post, an article by Michael Snyder, End of The American Dream.  “Does Pope Francis intend to help the global elite achieve their goal of uniting all of the religions of the world under a single … Continue reading

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‘Proof of Heaven’ documents existence of afterlife,

A very interesting article! Those of us who say there is no spiritual world and believe only in materialistic existence, might find this of interest. From ‘Natural News’, courtesy Mike Adams. (NaturalNews) There’s a secret that’s much bigger than politics, … Continue reading

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10 Things Ghandi Might Have Tweeted

Occasionally in our lives on this stage we call earth and in the play perhaps called “civilization”, individual persons stand out as amazing leaders and shining examples of a humanitarian way of life. Those of a spiritual nature include Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Dalai … Continue reading

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