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Grotesque Plan for Detroit: Fleece Working People to Save the Banks

Might I suggest that the writing is on the wall? This ‘nsnbc’ article by Ellen H. Brown is not just about the Detroit debacle. It is representative of the global financial mess and the agenda to destroy the security of … Continue reading

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Beware the Banking Cartel Attack on Your Deposits – Learn about Derivatives

This ‘nsnbc’ post by Ellen Brown (SA), “Winner Takes All: The Super-Priority Status Of Derivatives”, provides a comprehensive look at the current, (corrupt) banking system and the current and future dangers to depositors. This is very, very serious stuff. Cyprus-style … Continue reading

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AGW – It is becoming more and more a heap of rubbish.

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A Comparison of The Global Historical Climate Network data Version 1 and Version 3 by E.M.Smith June 12, 2012 The Global Warming Issue, and Consequences The major thesis of Global Warming is that…

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