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Richard Smith: Is the pharmaceutical industry like the mafia?

From ‘The BMJ’, originally an older post but of increasing relevance as we see much to worry about in many areas, including this one of the “Big Pharma” industry. The article commences as follows, merits a full read here, and … Continue reading

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Wanted!–a Few Honest Statisticians, Biostatisticans and Epidemiologists who want to make a difference.

Originally posted on Disrupted Physician:
 “That everyone shall exert himself in that state of life in which he is placed, to practice true humanity towards his fellow men, on that depends the future of mankind.” – Albert Schweitzer  “By and…

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10 Outrageous Facts Government and The Vaccine Industry Don’t Want You To Know About Shots

This is a “FHFN‘ (Family Health Freedom Network) post on Facebook, partially copied below. This topic is the subject of serious “debate” on Facebook which only occasionally enters the mainstream media. “Anti-vaxxers”, more realistically campaigners for safe and essential-only vaccines … Continue reading

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