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It has been an interesting week.  More questions than answers.

I am in the middle of a serious discussion with another blog, involving some very astute persons who are taking me to task for believing stuff they see as conspiracy theories. Whereas, I see them believing in the real conspiracies, and see my beliefs as valid. Isn’t it always the way? I’ll come back to this.

 Obama has seriously embarrassed himself by subconsciously writing ‘2008’ as the current year.  Not a big deal in itself, but the ramifications are.  Firstly it’s in a public document, there forever for everybody to chuckle or sneer at. (Maybe they will do the usual thing and cover it up, you know ‘whiteout’ and rewrite). Coming so soon after the belated release of his birth certificate, a document alleged to be fake by his detractors is unfortunate for him.  Secondly, it does raise a question or two about his thought processes, why 2008 slipped out of his subconsciousness, why he wasn’t concentrating, does he always need a script writer?  Has he been telling so many lies that it is difficult for him to separate reality from unreality?

That brings up a previous issue topic – Was Bin Laden still alive to be killed by the Seals on Obama’s orders, or was it someone else killed (unnecessarily), mutilated and immediately disposed of (to avoid identity problems). Either way there is a problem. If it wasn’t OBL it cannot be proven now. On the other hand, there is no convincing proof that it was OBL.   Many people are happy to believe their President, but many  are not. There are many instances of deception by the authorities, providing good grounds for suspicion.  Reference 2 earlier posts: ‘Is he really Dead this time?’;  ‘Fantasy as Reality’.

Anyway, what has been achieved? Nothing has changed, or if it has, it’s for the worse because of the fear, real or otherwise, of repercussions. The world is still at war against terror, and the terror is on ALL fronts, even from within.

9/11. This is one of the topics under dispute.  Hotly disputed,  by many for very good reasons, certainly one anyway. It is the supposed reason for the ‘war on terror’, meaning all the deaths, injuries and trauma, not to mention the gigantic financial costs, from the Afghanistan invasion and the current trouble with Pakistan. Worse, it is the reason used for placing American citizens in fear of being treated like terrorists and harassed by authorities.  The point of all this is that there is much evidence supporting the innocence of bin Laden, Al Qaeda or any Islamic jihadists of even participating in the 9/11 attacks, let alone planning them. My own views favour the evidence that the Israeli Mossad (secret service) are the main culprits, with complicity from US personnel and authorities. Impossible, some say. Yet others, including myself,  say it would have been impossible for the so-called Al Qaeda to have carried them out without inside assistance. This is a theme I am developing for this site.

Also this week, Obama has again made media front pages with his peace plan for the Palestinians and embarrassed Netanyahu by suggesting that Palestine be given their stolen land back. Later revised to the original boundaries being considered as a reference.  Russia expresses support for Palestine. This is going to be a classic case of ‘War of Words’ with much game-playing. Hopefully not war games. Given the close ties between Israel and the US, where the US is usually toeing the line, this particular unusual clash of ideas is surely nothing more than staging and rhetoric.

Then we come to another world issue – climate change.  Current ramifications are involving huge financial constraints and profits in various areas, while the pollution that is supposed to be reducing continues to spiral upwards. A major political issue in Australia, it is causing no end of grief to the politicians and endless blogging on the internet. This is another major theme for this site, but in order to provide convincing evidence, I need more time. The above page “Carbon Attack” is a work in progress.

This weeks interesting addition is the admission by an ex-warmist scientist, now a “denier” that AGW is not supported by real scientific evidence, but by false evidence. See my earlier post linked here.

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