Afghanistan – Common Sense in a Coma

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I have been concerning myself with many issues lately, Afghanistan has been ignored because, it’s just there and nothing changes, I guess.

 Australia thinks it is doing its bit to help them – some training, some humanitarian work, some military security, receiving some deaths and injuries we seem to think are justified. Not seeming to realize that intervening in another country can never have a satisfactory ending.

As long as there are tribal issues and a drug production industry, the invaders have to either leave, or stay forever. No compromise is likely.

This COTO post has highlighted these issues, showing that no solution is feasible, only continued occupation and the pouring in of mega-dollars. (Not to mention continuing loss of lives etc., etc.).

From the post which has a video where children are pleading for peace:

“Then there is the issue of how the Afghans will be able to pay for their greatly enlarged police and military, which by some estimates will require $10 billion a year to sustain come 2014 — 10 times the Afghan government’s annual tax revenues.”

Of all the ironic absurdities and preposterous twists in the war on — I mean the war to promote — terror, this quote from the New York Times back in April, which I came upon as I was researching something called the Strategic Partnership Declaration between the United States and Afghanistan, felt the most like a mugging.

This is the price of being liberated from the Taliban — a security system costly beyond reckoning, in perpetuity, in order to protect the country from itself. Something’s more than just wrong here. Common sense is in a coma.

Or as Kathy Kelly put it: “We are startlingly, terrifyingly lost, and we’re getting ever more so.”

“The U.S.-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Declaration will perpetuate terrorism and bring it to everyone’s doorsteps,” reads a statement issued by a group called the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers.

“No Power today represents the people,” the statement cries. “Today, ordinary Afghans are denied the basic human dignities, living in a country that Save the Children said was the most dangerous place on earth for mothers, and that UNICEF said was the worst place on earth to be born in, and to be a child.”

 Please look at the whole post here. ( And maybe cry a little).

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