Global Warming – A Short Update

Global Warming

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Factors regarding heat balance of planet earth:

1. Solar UV radiance, sunspots, magnetic flux.  Orientation Sun to Earth surface, involving distance and obliqueness of rays to earth.

2. Shielding of incoming energy by ozone, and water vapour clouds.

3. Properties (reflective and heat retention) of earth surface. Water, ice, snow, buildings, tarmac, sand, agricultural areas, forested areas.

4. Heat trapping and reflecting compounds in the atmosphere, (“greenhouse effects“). Ozone, H2O gas, clouds, a few other GHG‘s including CO2.

5. Ocean currents, precipitation (rain and snow) and wind.

Of these, the only factors directly discernible to our senses are sunshine, general hot and cold, shade including clouds (very influential perhaps), substance underfoot, precipitation, wind.

This a broad, off the cuff effort, easily missing something. Some peer reviewing might be justified.

Then there are many factors not discernible to our senses but of course are measurable to the scientifically equipped. Actual temperatures, varying around our planet from say minus 40 degC to plus 50 degC, those variations day/night, summer/winter, equatorial/polar, cloud/no cloud, but somehow calculable by scientists accurately enough to discern short-term global averages of less than 1 degC, in fact to a decimal place!Hmmm!

Then there are variations in all these factors of varying degrees of influence, one of which has been isolated as the main cause of suspected increases in average global temperature. I am of course, referring to CO2,  a trace amount gas which occupies approximately 0.04% of the atmosphere and has a less than 10% capability of absorbing Infrared energy, the energy involved in green house heating.

After years of disputation and dissertation about the global warming issue, going absolutely nowhere from a science point of view, but creating havoc and financial and social upheaval from a worldly point of view, a new theory has surfaced.

It involves cosmic rays which are affected by the sun’s magnetic influences and which are claimed to directly affect cloud generation. They claim a direct causation between solar influences and cloud formation, hence planet temperature. Surely this needs to be looked at?

We are well aware that the AGW ‘scientists’ do not care much about clouds, because they can’t quantify them. Nor can they blame humans for them. Even though greenhouse effects of H2O are quantifiable, they are extremely variable in nature and also not due to mankind activities, so are largely discounted in assessing global warming causes.

Now, there is just as much reason why the cosmic ray influence is potentially as scientifically valid as other actual influences but attempts so far to have them considered have met with opposition.  Reference:

So strange that the scientists promoting AGW are so negative, close-minded and anti-science. The detractors so far have not said anything except the correlation is weak, they have yet to prove Svensen wrong.

It just seems to me that the issue of global warming and any relativity to carbon trading is becoming so unscientific that it is more logical to believe that there is an over-riding political agenda. (Surely not! 🙂 ) Well, it has been so for some time, but the evidence is piling up and up that political it is, science it is not!

Can thousands of politicians be wrong? Led up the garden path by a few scientists banging on their drum and shutting the door on real science? My money is on the science, real science. It has never been sensible to believe a politician. I see no reason for why we should start now.

About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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2 Responses to Global Warming – A Short Update

  1. The Carbon (dioxide) tax is politically motivated not scientifically justified. More so currently Down Under where Lady Ga Ga Julia and Uncle Bob Brown are determined to push thru the Carbon Dioxide Tax to make ‘their mark’ in history. I do believe history will not be kind to either of them, and we the payers (people) will suffer. The Cosmic ray theory – with clouds etc is far more justifiable than the etherial CO2 theory, but as you hinted (at) perhaps there is not so much money to be made off it! A whole industry had sprung up in ‘renewables’ which will be of little use should solar radiation / cosmic radiation be proven to be the issue…… How egotistical of us to believe we are alone responsible for the changes in weather patterns. We are certainly not alone in the universe planetary wise…… seems we have returned (metaphorically speaking) to the flat earth scenario……. and anyone who postulates otherwise will be taken before the inquisition (Brown et al), and burnt at the stake…….

    What I personally liked, watching Henrik’s youtube presentation, was the way he treated those watching it…. as equals who were on a scientific journey with him and his team. There were no threats, no must do’s or elses…. just the facts in simple (if slightly accented) English. I was terribly saddened and (yes even annoyed/angered) at the scientific communities refusal to publish his work – it certainly did smack of club mentality – he disagreed with their theory so therefore would be ostracised! The art of science seems dead……. there are few true scientists left it seems, and those will be silenced by the paid majority!

    SAD – Very sad indeed.

  2. furniture uk says:

    “The successful always has a number of projects planned, to which he looks forward. Anyone of them could change the course of his life overnight.” -Mark Caine

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