Gardasil HPV vaccines found contaminated with recombinant DNA….

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Public Health issues are so common and so serious, there are enough topics to provide full-time exposure publishing on this blog alone. Time and the desire to cover other compelling topics prevent extensive coverage. Thankfully ‘Natural News‘, SOTT: Alternative news,  JustMe in T and other blogs provide, between them, extensive coverage. COTO has a specific page linking vaccine articles.

However, certain health issues stand out for me, in particular those affecting young people and compulsory vaccinations. So, here is yet another example of gross public injustice, if not criminal behaviour of ‘big pharma’. I think that what you read here and in the links is an indication of a very serious attack on our health and well-being, the exact opposite of the publicly-claimed intentions.

This is the full title of yet another Mike Adams post:

Gardasil HPV vaccines found contaminated with recombinant DNA that persists in human blood

(NaturalNews) In seeking answers to why adolescent girls are suffering devastating health damage after being injected with HPV vaccines, SANE Vax, Inc decided to have vials of Gardasil tested in a laboratory. There, they found over a dozen Gardasil vaccine vials to be contaminated with rDNA of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The vials were purchased in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Poland and France, indicating Gardasil contamination is a global phenomenon.This means that adolescents who are injected with these vials are being contaminated with a biohazard — the rDNA of HPV. In conducting the tests, Dr. Sin Hang Lee found rDNA from both HPV-11 and HPV-18, which were described as “firmly attached to the aluminum adjuvant.”That aluminum is also found in vaccines should be frightening all by itself, given that aluminum should never be injected into the human body (it’s toxic when ingested, and it specifically damages the nervous system). With the added discovery that the aluminum adjuvant also carries rDNA fragments of two different strains of Human Papillomavirus, this now reaches the level of a dangerous biohazard — something more like a biological weaponrather than anything resembling medicine.As SANE Vax explains in its announcement, these tests were conducted after an adolescent girl experienced “acute onset Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis within 24 hours” of being injected with an HPV vaccine. (…)
rDNA found in Gardasil is genetically engineered

The rDNA that was found to be contaminating Gardasil is not “natural” rDNA from the HPV virus itself. Rather, it is a genetically engineered form of HPV genetic code that is added to the vaccines during their manufacture.

As Dr. Lee, the pathologist who ran the laboratory tests identifying the biohazard contamination of Gardasil said:

“Natural HPV DNA does not remain in the bloodstream for very long. However, the HPV DNA in Gardasil is not ‘natural’ DNA. It is a recombinant HPV DNA (rDNA) — genetically engineered — to be inserted into yeast cells for VLP (virus-like-particle) protein production. rDNA is known to behave differently from natural DNA. It may enter a human cell, especially in an inflammatory lesion caused by the effects of the aluminum adjuvant, via poorly understood mechanisms. Once a segment of recombinant DNA is inserted into a human cell, the consequences are hard to predict. It may be in the cell temporarily or stay there forever, with or without causing a mutation. Now the host cell contains human DNA as well as genetically engineered viral DNA.”

Innocent girls being injected with genetically engineered HPV rDNA

What all this means is that through Gardasil vaccines, innocent young girls are being injected with the recombinant DNA of HPV, and that this biohazardous substance persists in their blood. The implications of this are rather scary, as Dr. Lee explains:

Once a segment of recombinant DNA is inserted into a human cell, the consequences are hard to predict. It may be in the cell temporarily or stay there forever, with or without causing a mutation. Now the host cell contains human DNA as well as genetically engineered viral DNA.”

The vaccine industry, of course, has a long and dark history of its vaccines being contaminated with cancer-causing viruses and other frightening contaminants. Watch this astounding video of Merck scientist Dr. Hilleman openly admitting that polio vaccines were widely contaminated with SV40 viruses that cause cancer:…

It’s called “Merck vaccine scientist admits presence of SV40 and AIDS in vaccines – Dr. Maurice Hilleman” and was partially narrated by Dr. Len Horowitz. You can view the full transcript of this extraordinary interview at:…

If you thought vaccines were safe, think again. Get informed. Learn the truth, and please share this story so that others may also be informed.

Listen up, folks: Why do you think the vaccine industry pushed so hard for total financial immunity under the government’s vaccine injury compensation plan? Because they knew that if the truth ever got out about how many cases of cancer, autism and even death were truly caused by vaccines, they would be financially wiped out!

This latter part duplicates a previous TGRule post “Vaccine – evidence of inadequate safety and care” but rather that than the point be missed”.

Please read Mike’s article on his site.

In addition, I would like  mention an extract from one of the ‘related articles’, (Teens, Sex and Vaccines), and just put the question “if this decrease in sexual activity is an actual fact, (the statistic has not been proven), why on earth would it be so?” Still ‘if’, would it be a coincidence? Or is there a cause and effect? Given my cynical viewpoint and the almost certain desire of the ungodly to reduce the world’s population, could it possibly be that this is related to Bill Gate’s infamous vaccination program intentions? Could we be witnessing a deliberate attack on sexual desire as part of the HPV program? Possibly even a reduction in fertility?

“Teenagers, by and large, have sex episodically,” said Bill Albert, a spokesman for The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. “It has much more to do with opportunity than it does with a vaccination, for heaven’s sake.”

In addition, Albert told LiveScience, teen sexual activity has been decreasing over the last four years. Gardasil, drugmaker Merck’s vaccine against HPV, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2006. (Since then, in 2009, the FDA approved another HPV vaccine called Cervarix, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline.) There have not been direct studies on the effect of HPV vaccination on teen sexual decisions, Albert said, but dropping rates of sexual activity since the vaccine’s introduction suggest that the injections aren’t causing teens to throw caution to the wind.

“It hasn’t had the undesired effect yet,” he said.

What exactly does he mean by this last statement??? (my bold emphasis).

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